Pi is focused at empowering the people to buy anything online. Pi achieves this by giving you cashback on your daily expenditure on both your needs and luxuries, which can be redeemed to buy anything online. Pi is diametrically different from traditional cashback schemes. It is simple, easy and hassle free. Pi is also partners with a number of outstanding market leaders which provides its customers the best choice to choose from. We, the people at Pi, are turning your expenses into investments.

Who We Are

Pi is the consumer brand of one of Indias diversified family run company, Vasu Group of Companies. Established in 1975, in a family owned business there after diversified as many business entities with operations spanning all over India with over 40 years of business expertise.

We've been successful in our endeavours only because our objective is to create real and sustained value, both for the customer and for the company. We, people at Pi are vehemently in the pursuit of empowering the Indian citizen to anything online. We are focused at turning every man’s expense, into an investment by giving cashback on their daily expenditure.

What We Do?

We, the people at Pi are focused on empowering the common buyer to buy anything online in the best, easiest and simplest way. We understand the problems faced by the common buyer and are in the pursuit of solving these problems with the most apt of solutions.

We provide cashback on everyday common expenses and turn them into an investment. We believe that each and everyone does deserve, something just extra, because you deserve more.

Mr. Neelakantam


Mr. Jayanth Kumar

CEO & Founder